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Jefferson Trust’s core values

Five words are at the core of the values Jefferson Trust stands for: Curiosity, Purpose, Integrity, Passion, and Authenticity .

Jefferson Trust’s values are aspirations, reflecting the company’s commitment to move the organisation forward for the benefit of its clientele, investors and professional staff. By living these values each day, Jefferson Trust can ensure that clients are served in the best way possible, that internal colleagues are valued and respected, and that the company consistently achieves a level of performance that sets Jefferson Trust apart from the competition.

The team working for you

The Board

Jeffrey Broer

Board of Directors

Serena Kwok

Director of Trusts, Board of Directors

Furuzonfar Zehni

Director of Finance, Board of Director

The foundation of one’s domain,

is laid one brick at a time,

with the utmost care each time.

Jefferson Trust’s team has been providing cutting edge financial advice cumulatively for over 40 years, and from the first moment, we focused on excellence in all our services. A vital characteristic of our team is the drive to stay at the top of their performance and a willingness to keep improving themselves.

We form strong, trusted connections with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their professional worlds, drawn from our extensive experience of working in those same worlds – across entrepreneurship, finance, law, and accounting.


Our team have their own ideas and vision, and take initiative to make these happen. Each and everyone of them has an innate curiosity of an entrepreneur in them, with their own ideas on how to contribute to your and Jefferson Trust’s performance. Every team member has a passion for making an impact. We are a fast growing company and we require authentic, ambitious people who do not hesitate to take action. Our professionals do not avoid individual responsibility – they embrace the opportunity to show what they are worth.

Most importantly, the backbone of our culture and team is our integrity. The trust we receive from our clients and the industry is essential to us. Therefore, all our professionals have high moral standards and a strong internal compass when it comes to ethics.

What we can help you achieve

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